Nicegram’s Latest Update: What's new

1 min readJan 29, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the latest update to Nicegram, packed with new features and integrations:

Telegram 10.6.2 Merge

This update includes a full merge with Telegram 10.6.2, bringing all the latest Telegram features directly into Nicegram.

Users can now enjoy the newest advancements from Telegram within the intuitive interface of Nicegram.

View Original Messages

Nicegram now introduces the ability to view the original version of any edited message. This feature ensures transparency and clarity in communication, allowing users to understand the context of edits.

Display Deleted Messages in Chats

Nicegram users can now access and copy messages that have been deleted in chats. If you’ve accidentally deleted a message only for yourself, this update also provides the functionality to delete it for other users in the chat, giving you complete control over your chat history.

This update not only enhances the overall functionality but also focuses on improving the user experience. By integrating these new features, Nicegram continues to prioritize user needs, ensuring efficient and effective communication.





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