Vietnam Leads in Crypto Adoption, and Nicegram is Right There!

3 min readJan 23, 2024

Vietnam has emerged as a leader in the global cryptocurrency landscape, a fact underscored by its top ranking in the Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index by Chainalysis. This development is attributed to the nation’s high purchasing power and widespread adoption of cryptocurrency tools, including DeFi and P2P platforms. A notable case study revealed the presence of 200,000 web3-focused groups in Vietnam, with a remarkable 70% open rate, showcasing a significant audience for web3 marketers. Despite this, marketers face challenges in seamlessly engaging with this rapidly growing audience.

The Role of Nicegram in Crypto Community Engagement

In this context, Nicegram, a messenger app, has stepped in to bridge the gap. With a global user base of 25 million, including 3.6 million in Vietnam, Nicegram offers an interface for direct engagement with the crypto community. Sergey Sheleg, the Chief Product Officer at Appvillis (parent of Nicegram), highlighted the app’s role in fostering crypto community engagement in Vietnam and its web3-specific features.

Key Factors Driving Cryptocurrency Growth in Vietnam

Vietnam’s young, tech-savvy population, with nearly a quarter aged between 17–35, has been instrumental in the growth of blockchain, AI, and cryptocurrency technologies. The limited access to formal financial services for about 70% of adults in Vietnam positions cryptocurrencies as a viable alternative for wealth creation and payments. This demand is further bolstered by a progressive startup ecosystem that innovates in security and user experience.

Innovative Technology and Web3 Community Growth

Innovation is critical in nurturing the Web3 community globally and in Vietnam. Technologies like blockchain and AI demystify Web3 concepts, making them accessible to a wider audience. Appvillis focuses on evolving technologies to foster trust, security, and connectivity within the Web3 space.

Nicegram’s Strategies for High User Engagement

Nicegram’s success in Vietnam is attributed to its combination of advanced messaging features and deep community engagement. Strategies such as a referral program and the excitement for upcoming Web3 and SocialFi features have amplified its reach. The app also addresses the challenges faced by community managers in the Web3 space by providing tools for AI, analytics, advertising, monetization, educational content, gamification, and blockchain integration.

Challenges in Web3 Marketing and Nicegram’s Solutions

Marketers targeting the Web3 community encounter challenges in educating and speeding up adoption. Nicegram’s community-focused interface provides essential tools to achieve key user engagement objectives. Features like AI assistance for content management, community reputation systems, and token-gated access are critical in maintaining interest in decentralised projects. Nicegram also plans to create a hub for Telegram communities, serving as a launchpad with tools for growth and development.

DeFi Integration in Nicegram

Recognizing the popularity of DeFi platforms, Nicegram is actively integrating SocialFi — a blend of social networks and finance — into its platform. This integration is in line with the app’s vision of evolving messaging apps and is supported by internal surveys showing 70% of Nicegram users are already engaged with cryptocurrency or related services.


Vietnam’s position as a leader in cryptocurrency adoption is a testament to its young, innovative population and a thriving startup ecosystem. Tools like Nicegram are pivotal in engaging this growing community, offering tailored solutions to the unique challenges of the Web3 space. As Vietnam continues to embrace digital innovations, platforms like Nicegram will play a crucial role in shaping the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the region.





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