What Do You Need to Know About Gems?

2 min readDec 15, 2023

Gems are the virtual currency of Nicegram, that make your messaging better.

You can earn, use, and swap Gems in Nicegram. They help you do cool things in the app and connect with others.

In the Nicegram app, there are several ways to get free gems every day.

  1. Participate in the Nicegram Profit tasks
  2. Join Nivegram Referral Program
  3. Log into the Nicegram Assistant and get gems daily.
  4. Watch some ads and watch your gems stash grow!
  5. Receive a monthly bonus of 50 gems with Nicegram Premium!

Earning Gems:

Accumulate Gems through various activities within Nicegram, including participating in the Nicegram Profit tasks, engaging with daily challenges, and utilizing the referral system.

Spending Gems:

Use Gems to access premium features within Nicegram, like special AI features, advanced customization, and exclusive content.

Referral Rewards:

Earn additional Gems by inviting new users to Nicegram through the referral program, enhancing your earning potential.

Conversion and Withdrawal:

Turn Gems into other valuable things, like cryptocurrencies. You can also use them for buying things or joining special events in Nicegram.

Transparency and Management:

Track and manage your Gems through a user-friendly interface within Nicegram. This way, you can see and control your virtual money easily.


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