What’s New in the Latest Nicegram Update

1 min readJan 24, 2024

We’re excited to announce a new update for Nicegram, blending cutting-edge features with enhanced user experience.

Telegram 10.6 Merge:

Nicegram users can now use all the contemporary features that Telegram offers.

API Key Update:

In response to the feedback about difficulties in joining chats and channels, we’ve fixed this crucial bug.

Update the app and re-login to your account for uninterrupted access and an enhanced user experience.

Message Metadata Display:

It enables developers and tech-savvy users to view the metadata of any message in a comprehensive JSON format. This functionality is ideal for anyone looking to gain deeper technical insights into their messaging data and interactions within Nicegram.

Secret Chats:

Tailor your chat list to your personal preferences. You can now hide specific chats from your main list, offering an extra layer of privacy. Plus, notifications or messages from these hidden chats will be completely disabled.

Bug Fixes:

With this update, we’ve ironed out several bugs, enhancing the overall stability and performance of Nicegram.

Stay updated, stay connected!





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